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Advice on undervolting to address temp issues


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Oct 3, 2004
Testing out a new build; R5 3600 with MSI rtx 2070 super ventus in a fractal design define mini c (1x120 mm intake, and 1x 120 mm exhaust).

I've noticed GPU temps are 80-83C within 10 minutes of playing Fornite according to MSI . From what I've read, this isn't grounds for RMA (although I'm going to contact MSI), but not ideal temps for sure. I'm hoping between adjusting fan cures and undervolting, I can achieve <80 max load, without having to buy additional case fans.

I've never undervolted before, I wanted to ask for any general advice when doing so. Because I'm undervolting without OC, is there any danger to the physical card? Any tips/tricks or references I should read is greatly appreciated!

As an aside, I did also read that frequently people repaste the GPU, but there is one of those "warranty void if broken" stickers on one of the screws... although I might just do it anyway. I'm on the fence, if anyone has any opinion on repasting too.

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