Question Advice on new build for home office with occasional games


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Sep 25, 2006
1) System is used mostly for home office work (tax prep, spreadsheets), some programming (Python IDE, some ML). Will occasionally game on Civ; would like to move to the new Flight Simulator. Games are <5% use and no FPS/high update rate. Replacing very old system.

2) Budget is $1300-1500, but have some flexibility for good value. Saving money is of course always great!

3) Build in US.

4) n/a

5) No strong brand preferences. I've had good luck with both MSI and Gigabyte MBs, but not wedded to them.

6) My current system has a Corsair Carbide 300R case and PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk III 600 W supply. Could re-use if good enough.

7) Stability/reliability is required, so do not plan to overclock.

8) Monitor: Plan to use either a pair of 2650x1440s (for text resolution) or a single 4k. If the latter, probably a TV used as a monitor.

9) Plan to build as soon as I've researched it and have time to get everything. However, can hand on a couple months if there's some big advantage to it.

10) My copy of Windows should be portable so can move that over. (License not OEM/single use.)

Thinking Intel 12400 or 12600 or AMD 5600, but Intel seems to have the price/perf edge right now? Likely stay with DDR4 as DDR5 seems expensive for little performance. However, will likely keep the system for a good while.

How much graphics card do I need to drive the monitors? Again, since gaming isn't a focus, could back down on features a bit and 60 Hz should be plenty.

No interest in flashy case, lights, etc. It just sits under the desk and runs.

General advice and specific recommendations welcome. Thank you for your help!