Advice on CPU and RAM for Shuttle XPC barebones build


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Dec 17, 2009
Gents and ladies, the MB went bad in my Shuttle XPC SZ77R5.

Rather than wait on the long turn-around for warranty coverage I bought another of the same unit, transplanted everything and then sent the original in. It is due for delivery back to me today with a new MB.

I currently have a Sandybridge i7 -2600K 3.4GHz cpu and 16GB of ram (I forget which) in the replacement unit and will continue to use it as my main system.

Looking for advice on a CPU for the replacement unit that will not cost me as much $$$ but that will give me decent performance. I really am not up on CPU knowledge and after reading my mind is mush.

The system will likely be used for net browsing, YouTube, burning DVD/BD and at times editing with good old fashioned CS5. At first I would need to use the on-board video, but eventually I'd need to throw a CUDA supported card inside if I want to use CS5.

Also, buy used or new?

So CPU and also RAM advice appreciated. Thanks! :thumbsup:C