Advice for system backup


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Aug 29, 2000

I have what some may call an easy question (or I am sure some of you would) but I am not exactly sure how to go about it.

What I want to do is totally reformat and reinstall win98se. I have done that several times, and never a problem. What I want to do, is once that is done, and I have the drivers all installed and such, I want to "back up" or "image" my HD at that moment. Then, in the future when I reinstall I want to be able to just take that image and put it on the HD, without having to go through all the hurdles again. What is the best way for me to do this?

I have a good burner for putting it on CD, an LS120 if that makes a difference. A 30GB HD with only 1 partition (I like it that way). I also own "norton ghost" which came with an Epox mobo I bought a year or two ago. Does that work well?

There has got to be an easy way for this, right?




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Jan 25, 2001
if you have norton ghost you don't have to look any further it works
great for what you want to do