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Adobe Premiere / DaVinci Resolve - offloading workloads to server?


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Mar 22, 2000
I was just wondering if the following scenarios can work using Adobe Premiere / DaVinci Resolve?:

1. Thin Client (1080p or QHD chromebook, dual core ultrabook) + Remote Desktop; connect to your server where your Adobe Premiere and video files reside, to do the video editing. This way, you have a laptop with decent battery life (maybe 9-12 hours) with a decent resolution, screen size and color fidelity that you can take anywhere and, provided you have a good internet connection, you could perform even your most demanding video editing tasks remotely.

2. Workstation PC, where your Adobe Premiere and video files reside or you can put on a server to centralize, load your project and start. Push the most demanding workloads that would benefit most from high multi-threading performing server onto your server to speed up your job.

Would either or both scenarios above be fully viable today?
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