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Adobe CS build


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Mar 20, 2000

friend is building a new comp and wants input so i am asking you, AT fam. mostly Adobe CS for a pro artist and photog. some gaming as well but have a 1070 laying around. goal is 3-5 years without touching it though so plenty of ram is a must. the board seems a bit overkill to me as does the ram, though it may just be it needs to be caught on sale rather than retail. i've flogged our nearby microcenter to him.


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May 4, 2000
They probably would be just as happy with a $150 B550 motherboard (or a $170 X570 board). The power supply could be easily dropped down to a 650w unit as well (I'd also go with a RMx unit over the RM since they are practically the same price, and the RMx series are better) They can also save a decent amount on the RAM if they don't need RGB modules, as memory pricing has been very low for the last 6 months or so.

Outside of that, I'd wait a few hours and see what new CPUs AMD announces, and weigh the options between the current gen 3900X and whatever its replacement is. At a minimum, they could probably pick up a combo for a fair discount (it's what I did with my X470 motherboard and Ryzen 2700X) once the 3000 series were announced.
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Nov 20, 2009
I would caveat UsandThem with inquiring if your friend is planning on doing any video editing/remastering with Adobe CS. If so then those recommendations may need to be modified.
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