Adjusting Video Color Settings w/ ATI


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Dec 31, 2007
I had an nvidia card for a while and just upgraded to an ATI card. With nvidia there were options in the control panel that allowed me to change color settings like distinguishing between vga connector or hdmi and allowed me to make other adjustments that made video much clearer. Basically the video could be adjusted to better reflect the correct shading of black.

With ATI's CCC I can't find the settings to make these adjustments. The closest thing is Avivo video presets. However this doesn't seem to do anthing in the Netflix player or in PowerDVD. Is there a setting in CCC that allows me to make video playback adjustments to the black levels or a separate program anybody can recommend?


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Dec 7, 2003
If your blacks look discolored then you should adjust your monitor's color temperature. You really shouldn't need to adjust colors through your video card drivers.