Question ADATA ram received from Amazon has a slightly different part number from what was advertised. Should that be a cause for concern?


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Jun 12, 2021
I bought a Lenovo Gaming 3 laptop (15ARH05) with a Ryzen 7 4800H. Needed an additional 8GB ram and bought an ADATA DRAM Module. But the part number of the ram listed on Amazon was: "AD4S320038G22-RGN" whereas the one I got from the Amazon seller was: "AD4S32008G22-RGN". Note the missing '3' before 8G

I checked their DRAM Module P/N Decoder:
Apparently, the missing '3' stands for '1024x8 or 16'. I wonder why the Ram I received didn't have that in the part number. Could it be a counterfeit DRAM Module? I can't check the warranty either because ADATA's website is undergoing a maintenance of some kind.

"AD4S320038G22-RGN" is compatible with my laptop, according to ADATA compatibility checker, but I couldn't find "AD4S32008G22-RGN" (the ram I've received) in the list of compatible rams. I checked online and found this page with the details of the ram that I've received: . So, a ram with the part number does exist. What do you guys think I should do?Capture.PNG
Feb 4, 2009
I had something similar happen with Amazon not sure if it was an amazon reseller or not but same thing.
I wanted to fill my memory slots (I’m sort of obsessed about having 64GB of memory) I currently have 32GB of Ballistic 3200 memory, Amazon finder said the memory should work. Part number was the same on the web page.
What arrived looked the same but had an extra digit in the model number, all else was identical except one letter was R and the other was G. I assume this is R= red G= grey. The red memory kit had the extra number toward the end.
Both kits would work at rated speed & latency in either slots. Neither kit would work together at any speed & latency I tried.
Motherboard supported 64GB of this memory at 3200.
After much messing around I decided even though it seems the same it is not the same. One was probably made on a different process.

Short summary, if it works and you are happy with what you’ve got don’t worry.
If you want to add more memory in the future it could be a problem.
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