activesync woes


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Jun 15, 2001
i was wondering if you guys knew of any ways or workarounds to do this:

synchronize work laptop, home laptop, and PDA running windows mobile 5

what i want:

- work laptop: two calendars, one personal, one business. business one is shared. these should be separate folders in outlook's calendar- i can view one or the other, or both side by side.

- home laptop: shows only personal, but wouldn't mind having work one there, just wouldn't select it in the view

- PDA: have both calendars, preferably "merged", but if there's some way to have both calendars that'd be great.

would greatly appreciate any help! having the pda have both calendars sounds like its tricky. i've tried playing with things like the free exchange servers online, however outlook only allows one exchange server. what'd be great is some "aggregator" calendar that automatically has both work and personal items in the same calendar, and syncs that with my pda, which is not shared with the public like my work one is.