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Acer Switch One 10, replaced motherboard, SN "To be filled by O.E.M"

Oct 29, 2015
Hey everyone,

First time having to fight with one of these Windows tablet/laptop hybrids. Any hoo, I had to replace the motherboard in an Acer Switch One 10 SW1-011-18US-CA due to the original not powering on at all.
Got the replacement, got it installed, got video right away, bbuuuuuuuuuttt haven't had any luck getting it to boot to a bootable device. I can hit F12 and see my USB as a proper option to boot from but if I choose it I get taken back to the main screen of the BIOS. Where I have noted that the Serial Number has TO BE FILLED BY O.E.M.

Now I'm assuming the lack of SN is whats causing it to go back to the BIOS screen. I've dealt with Dell and Lenovo motherboard replacements that required the SN to be filled during the replacement, but those companies have either a BIOS that looks for one on boot or through utility/BIOS update that allows you to insert one. In this BIOS I don't see a way to insert the SN or update the BIOS.

Anyone else had to do battle with one of these before?