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Acer Aspire 9410 reboots whenever a desktop program is started

Jul 17, 2011
Hi all, I'm a comp tech and I'm stumped, doesn't happen very often but I'm stumped!
I have an Acer Aspire 9410 4441. Upgraded OS to windows 7 Ultimate, have 2gb ram. The cmos battery is shot, I have to reset the date/time after every power down cycle. This machine will boot up into Win7 Ult desktop fine.

Whenever I try to start Firefox, or Brave browser or even try to run an ".exe" to install a program, the Aspire reboots to startup. But if I click on an exe while it is listed INSIDE a winzip package it will execute fine!! But once that exe is installed it will not start the program it reverts to reboot and startup. Even if I go the C:/program/MozillaFirefox/ folder and to the Firefox.exe and right click to "Run as Administrator" the machine still reboots?

Also a couple other quirky things are happening, after reloading OS to Win7 Ult, I transferred a couple of jpg images to use for my desktop and my Acer says unknown format, yet it will use the Win7 supplied pics with no problem ALL are Jpeg!

I tried to click on a text file that was extracted to the desktop from a winzip pkg and same thing, reboots to startup.

I'm stumped is it a ram issue? It's not over heating.

thanks in advance