Accipiter's Adventures in Consulting Volume III


Feb 11, 2005
My 'manager' can?t get the billing program to run, and asks me to have a look at it. I ask if the lady he forced to quit the day before wrote instructions down before she left. He hands me this little scrap with 4 vague sentences written on it. He didn?t ask her to write her directions down till AFTER he drove her out. So anyway, he gets the same error code over and over again, and over the next hour we attempt to remedy the problem to no avail. An hour later we're still getting the same error message. He starts getting frustrated, and calls back the help line, only to get trapped in a loop. When he finally gets a person he starts ranting and raving and hangs up on the person, slamming the phone down. He buries his head in his hands and says ?Biggest mistake of my career letting her go?. He honestly might've been crying, I couldn't tell because his hands were over his face. Rick the accountant comes out of his office at this time, as he's been interviewing a replacement for the lady he forced out. He sees my manager and asks if he'd like to interview her now. My manager says 'no, I don't want to talk to anyone at all for the rest of today.?, and continues to have a mini-tantrum. Rick says he can try and reschedule the lady, but eventually he stops his tantrum long enough to do the interview. About a half hour later he comes back out and says 'ok we're going to get this working if it ****** kills both of us!'. The computer hardware tech Dave comes by also. About a half hour later the manager gives up, and I go about doing other tasks at another computer. Around 2 o'clock he comes into the office where I'm working and says 'you screwed up the computer by uninstalling that program. Why?d you uninstall it??' I look at him and ask what the heck he's talking about, seeing as I hadn't touched the program in about an hour, and had not uninstalled an iota of the program. As I leave at 3, Paul comments that 'you shouldn't have done that....shouldn't have touched that computer. never... never again...' as he stares intently at the floor, down-trodden, and mumbling under his breath. I tell him I have no idea what he?s talking about.



1. manager can't get billing program to work
2. starts temper tantruming
3. buries head in hands and cries
4. blames me for something that wasn't working before I even got there


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Jul 5, 2001
serves him right for forcing that poor old lady out on the streets and into a life of crime, drugs, violence and prostitution!!

damn you Accipiter22's manager, damn you to hell!!

*shakes fist furiously*


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Aug 20, 2004
you should quit and put him over the edge.

oh, and format C: on your way out. that will teach him to blame 'deleting a program' on you.


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Jul 20, 2005
If I was doing the consulting I'd have told him to reinstall the stupid thing after 30 mins of messing with it. If reinstalling isn't an option to him and you can't get tech support from the publisher then it's time to go.

Software is hell.


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Mar 5, 2001
"the lady he forced to quit"...
Now he's blaming you for something you didn't do? (possibly to cover his own butt?)
I tend to believe that most people don't enjoy working under those conditions and end up quitting eventually. Does your boss have a boss? Although I generally don't condone it, sometimes you do have to go over your bosses head.