Access to IDE 2 Master (cdrom) turns sound off of Tv Tuner


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Jul 12, 2002
When cds are accessed on my computer on my dvd/cdrw combo toshiba drive (which is the master on ide2, with no slave drive) the sound turns off on my tv tuner if its on. Once i insert a disc and it starts to read it the sound turns off and i have to restart the tv tuner software.
It does the same on ejecting also.

gigabyte 7vtxe (kt266a), athlon 1700, toshiba cdrw/dvd in one,audigy,gf3,enermax 300watt whisper psu,antec sx300 case

i think its yet another via specific problem, i will be switching to a nforce2 soon anyway but would like to know what people think about this strange problem of accessing the ide channel.


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Jul 22, 2002
That is some funky crap. Have you tried updating the TV Tuner software. Also how does the sound go in there, is it optical drive to sound card and tuner to sound card. Or does the optical drive and tuner share a sound cable, or does the tuner not use a sound cable it goes through the bus. Just some thoughts.