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Question Access point internet connection through ethernet wall port?


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Nov 1, 2020
Hi everyone,

Does access point need to be connected directly to the router or would it also work if I connect it to an ethernet port in the wall?

The reason I'm asking is because the router is downstairs in the house I live in, but the wifi connection is very poor in my upstairs room. I have an ethernet wall port in my room and I can connect to internet via ethernet cable, but I want to connect wirelessly. I was going to get an access point but all the articles I've read mentions that it needs to be connected to the router.

I wanted to ask whether I can use access point if I connect it to the ethernet wall port instead of connecting it to the router.

Thanks in advance for any reply.


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Apr 13, 2010
The "ethernet port in the wall" is connected to somewhere. Where to?

Case 1:
There are ports downstairs and upstairs and they are all connected to ISP. If you connect devices to them, then they get their addresses from ISP. Even if you turn off the router, you can still connect from upstairs.

Case 2:
All the "wall ports" have their other end in the apartment, probably where the router is. In that space there is one wall port that connects to ISP.
The router has its "WAN port" connected to ISP.
Router's "LAN ports" are connected to cables that you see as "wall ports" in other rooms.
If there are more rooms/wall ports than LAN ports in the router, then one can get a cheap network switch to connect all rooms to the LAN.

Case 2 is more common. The ISP does not need to give more than one IP address (for the WAN-port of the router). Your router is between all your devices and the ISP.

If you have Case 2, then the wall port is just a bit longer cable from your room to the router.
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Jul 2, 2011
Yeah what you want to do shouldn't be a problem. I have something very similar at my house because of the same reason.
I have two Ubiquiti AP-AC LR to help with wifi coverage. These are great little APs and I highly recommend them if you haven't purchased one yet. One is in the basement plugged directly into the router and the second one is upstairs on the 2nd floor in the family room plugged into an ethernet jack that runs to the basement and plugs into a switch which then in turn the switch is plugged into my EdgeRouterX.
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