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Absolutely Outrageous: Terrorist Suporter Howard Dean takes Flack for his Ill Informed Comments on Middle East

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May 15, 2003
Originally posted by: Tabb
I think we should drop out. They are both total assholes. Isreali goes on patrol and end up destroying a olive vines, which take a extremely long time to grow. Then Palestine sends in suicide bombers to kill innocent people. The only problem is you withdraw support and isreal can use any methods they want to remove the palestinian problem.
hmmm...killing olive trees = killing random people eating dinner.

dont forget, hamas uses those olive trees as cover for their missile launchers, that's why they were destroyed.
Jan 12, 2003
Originally posted by: amok
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Dean wants our elderly to work until age 70, too...demand justice for our parents, grandmothers and fathers!
That's not really unreasonable as people live longer. Most of the developed world has the problem of aging populations and too early retirement ages.
If you say so; I'm working until my early retirement age of 57, then Dean can withhold MY money I contributed to the 'cause' until I am 70 if he wants...but I truly for sorry for those who are at aged 61 right now and ready to enjoy the best years of their lives...Arbeit Mach Frei!
And Bush plan for saving social security is? Let me guess, personal savings accounts?
As I've said before, SS should never have needed saving, as it was intended as a safety net, not a government backed retirement plan for everybody. People hitting 65-70 should have done their own retirement planning a long time ago.
I hear you, brother; I am ready for the links come 57, Social Security check or not :)