Abit KT7-Raid Question -- how should I arrange my PCI cards?

Cpt. Duke

Senior member
Oct 17, 1999
I upgraded to this motherboard and I'm planning on using it for video editing. Here are the PCI cards that I will be using --

1)ATI AIW Pro 8mb PCI (to connect to my VCR)
2,3)Voodoo2 SLI 12mb
4) Diamond MX300 ( it seems to be working fine with the board, despite some other
users reporting problems)
5) Intel 10/100 NIC
6) Adaptec Firewire card

I need somebody's help because I'm not sure what PCI slots on this board do not have bus mastering (which I don't fully understand) Could someone please tell me what order I should put the cards in for best results?

Thank you ;)


Diamond Member
Dec 13, 2000
Toms hardware has a good guide on the KT7 for installing PCI cards. It will tell you which slots are shared and which are not shared. From what I remember stay away from slot 5- it shares an IRQ w/ the highpoint controller for Raid setup. I had a lot of problems installing sblive! value, and finally assigned it a legacy IRQ setting. Ive got my sound card in 4 and my NIC in 6. Check the site and see what else is recommended. It is linked through Abit's site also. Great board after you get it working. Nice first timers O/C'ing board. Good luck.