ABIT BD7II temperatures ??? pls help


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Jul 17, 2002
I got an ABIT BD7II Mobo with a P4 2260 Mhz

I get temperatures of 50 degrees celsius on the cpu when im just working in windows .
My system will hoover at 39 to 40 degrees.

I got an extra case fan on the back of my case to let out the heat.

When i play a game my cpu goes dangerously up to 59 to 50 degrees.
My system will go to 50 degrees.

These are very high temperatures especially when my two maxtor harddisks can only operate at up to 55 degrees :(

Can anyon tell me if these are normal temperatures ?

The cpu cooler is the one that came out of the P4 box (seemed a pretty good one to me).

Thse are my system specs.

Abit BD7II
P4 2260 MHZ
512 Mb DDR (333)
Geforce 4 4400 (creative)
Creative Audigy player
2 Maxtor 60 gig 7200rpm ultra ata 133
Plextor cdwriter 12/10/32
Philips 19" 109p40

Pls any help or advise to lower these temperatures are welcome.

P.S. The housing is closed now but i rather want to keep it that way to keep out the dust etc ...
Besides , open or closed , it doesnt make much difference.





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Jun 26, 2002
I have the same temperatures as you.
I now have Volcano 7+ and that's only 1 centigrade lower.


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Jul 16, 2002
Your cpu vcores look fine.

BUT your system temps are BAD.
1) No air flow
2) incorrect reading

Run your system without the case lid and orient the case fan so that it is pushing air into the chipset, say from ~6 inches away.
watch your system temp. If it drops, your previous setup had bad air flow. If it stays around the same, then the reading is
probably bad.

your system temps should range between 22 C- 35 C (adjusting quite linearly with room temp)

good luck


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Jul 24, 2002
I can only say it's normal for BD7II, mine is displaying similar temperature readings, according to this forum, they seem to be on the high side. My system operates flawlessly at 2650 MHz in a closed case with Prime 95 runs in the background for days. Add to GURURU, you may direct the extra fan toward row of 4 regulating power-transisters behind the M/B com ports and see what happen to the readings, mine is showing 2-3 deg lower.