Abit AT7 Max 2 Problems


Junior Member
Dec 19, 2001
Jus upgraded my mobo from a Albatron KX400+ to this mobo, using the same setting as i was before i am now unable to run 3dgames such as UT2003 or 3dmark, the games just lock up, programs such as Dist folding and sisoft burn in will work fine however, if i set the FSB back to 133 or set the Dividors to 5/2/1 all is fine, any ideas why the system will no longer work at the overclocked settings?

Specs are as follows :

XP2000 @ 1.8ghz (150fsb)
corsair 3200 Memory
generic modem
SB audigy
2x WD 8mb cache hdds in raid 0
431 enermax PSU

The only things to change in the upgrade are the mobo and hdds.