Aaron Yates suspended by AMA Pro Racing


Oct 1, 2001
Yoshimura Suzuki rider Aaron Yates has been suspended for one race meet and fined $5,000 by AMA Pro Racing for his actions following an on-track incident with KWS Racing?s Anthony Fania during the Daytona 200 by Arai on Saturday, March 6.

In announcing the penalty, AMA Pro Racing Road Race Manager, Ron Barrick stated that Yates? behavior after the two collided was completely unacceptable. ?After carefully reviewing the tapes and interviewing the corner workers and both Mr. Yates and Mr. Fania, we have concluded that the contact that resulted in both riders crashing was an unfortunate racing incident with neither rider specifically at fault,? said Barrick. ?However, Yates? actions after the crash are the reason we are issuing the fine and suspension.?

TV video tape, interviews with the riders and interviews with corner workers confirmed that Yates kicked and head-butted Fania immediately after the crash. While it was impossible to discern what each rider said during the exchange, it was apparent that Fania was attempting to walk away from the altercation.

Barrick confirmed that Yates? AMA Pro Racing license is suspended for a period of one AMA Superbike race meet; specifically the California Speedway event scheduled for April 2-4, 2004 in Fontana, California. Yates will not be permitted to compete in any of the races that make up that race meet. Barrick also stated that the $5,000 fine could be reduced by 50% if Yates enters an anger management treatment program, approved by AMA Pro Racing, prior to returning to competition.

?Physically assaulting a fellow competitor cannot be tolerated under any circumstance,? said Barrick. ?This penalty should indicate how seriously we are taking this matter.?

That fine is just a slap on the wrist because his team Yoshimura/Suzuki fined him $25k out of his paycheck :Q... I'm not an Aaron yates fun because i think he's a tool... i sympathize with the accident but this guy just keeps his temper unchecked... very unprofessional. Last year he knocked out Eric Bostrom... ending his championship challenge. Well whatever...

Vid link

...if you watch closely... Yates (in blue) drops kick Fania (in yellow) right after they fall... and then goes after him again with a heabutt. Fania didnt help either by making masturbating gestures... :frown:... no fine for him though. :confused:


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Jun 14, 2001
Yates is a dumb ass, he ran into the guy and then gets all pissed off. When you are passing a lapped rider the lapped rider is supposed to hold his line which he does.