A7M266 updating to bios 1007=Big Problems


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Apr 30, 2002
Just installed r.1007(final).I got stuck with BSOD endless loop!!!I had r.1004a for the longest time with no problems.The only thing i see so far is that my temps are reading 10c higher than with r.1004a.In r.1007 my temps are reading 54c(idle) and i`m underclocked from 1.33A to 1.0A(safe mode).It even gave me the BSOD in safe mode 3 times before booting.If anybody has tried this newest and greatest bios update and has any info to add that will help me decide if i should keep this new bios update please post.If not i would advise anybody to avoid this problem bios.Just a quick question.What is the best bios for this mb?TIA



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Jun 2, 2001
I see from your posts at the AMDMB forum that you flashed back to 1004a BIOS and all is well. Since you do not have an XP or Tbred chip you have no reason to flash to anything above the 1004a. Leave it at that until such time as the BIOS has been out for a while (aka thoroughly tested) and you have a shiny new cpu to go into your board. The only other thing I would/could suggest is that when you do flash the first thing upon rebooting is you set it to "Default" settings to complete the first boot. Then reboot and reset your timings, etc. You would also have to be sure and set the "slew rate" properly; according to what version of cpu you are using. BTW, the rise in temps is "normal" when moving past the 1004a BIOS and was widely reported. Seems ASUS changed things a bit to make up for some incorrect previous readouts and maybe went a bit far.