A64 3200+ NewCastle CG or A64 3200+ DTR ClawHammer CG?


Apr 17, 2004
So my roommate might want me to build him a desktop and I might sell him my Asus K8V SE Deluxe for an MSI K8N Neo Platinum. Anyway, I'm debating if I want to sell him my CPU as well. I know the CG cores are good for OCing in general, but stock out of the box will I see a performance difference between the NewCastle CG w/512K L2 Cache and the 3200+ Desktop Replacement chip with the ClawHammer core, CG stepping, & 1MB L2 Cache? Obviously the Clawhammer is clocked 200Mhz lower initially, but does have the extra cache & lower thermal dissipation. Basically I think I can work this deal so that I can get that DTR chip for little to no cost to me. Which chip would be the best investment in the long run, particularly for OCing with the MSI K8N Platinum Mobo. Thanks in advance

P.S. Sorry if this has been asked before, I searched and couldn't find a specific enough answer.


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Oct 9, 1999
Using the MSI Platinum and mobile dtr cheaps might not be a good idea unless you are a patient man or MSI releases a new bios with more support for them (though I heard they will not officially support them). I had a 2800 mobile and the MSI Platinum and it worked great but it was a big annoyance to make it work right. I placed the same chip on the VNF3-250 and it is a lot better. The MSI is a good board. I am currently using it with a 3400 Clawhammer oc to 2.53 at 1.6 v with watercooling. I can oc it to 2.6 but I do not see the need and I need to up the voltage to 1.7 so I rather run it at 2530 :). If you are set on running a dtr I would recomend the VNF3-250 over the msi. Also, with Windows XP it does not affect the L2 cache size much but it might change with XP64.


Aug 11, 2004
i dont do any overclocking myself personally- yet at least... but before i bought my 3200 chip, i was thinking of getting the clawhammer instead of the newcastle for the 1mb l2, but i read in multiple forums that the clawhammer can never be as fast as the newcastle because the 2.2ghz 512k will always be faster than the other @2.0 and 1mb. because 512k more l2 = 100mhz, so by that reasoning the CH would be 2.1ghz and the NC is 2.2ghz. like i said i dont do any overclocking, but thats just what i read elsewhere. also another reason i decided not to wait on the CH chip from newegg. alas, its up to you of course :) but you asked about longrun, so i would say the NC chip. either way, its like comparing a ferrari to a lamborghini. they are both really fast, it just depends on what you like better.