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Jul 11, 2000
This actually did not work for me last night........I finally tried out this old addage and the impossible happened. Strange look, awkward silence, a lot of staring and then the inevitable.....rejection.

Background: girl I had been having relations with for several months we stopped talking for about two months. Last night she wanted to get together to "talk" about things that happened between us. We had some food and drinks and enjoyed each others company like old times.
When we got home I invited her inside to check out some cool things I had brought back from vacation. We end up on my bed finally having the "heart to heart" about why things went sour. She admitted that she began to feel guilty about cheating on her boyfriend and she knew that if she continued to see me she would continue to cheat so that is why she kind of cut off our relationship with no explanation. It felt nice to get the truth out on the table.

She was getting ready to leave I guess but she was on my bed with her butt in the air playing with her cell phone. I am right behind her standing, Now she had on a nice mini skirt so I'm thinking jesus man do something about this.

So I remembered the advice I've heard so many times, "when in doubt whip it out"

I did just that.

she turned around. shocked. Awkward silence.

I say " well?" (pointing to it)

she says "I'm tired"

I say " a quickie? 10 minutes tops?"

she says "I'm on my period"

I say "ahhh the old failsafe"

I put the little guy away and escort her out of my house.

So yeah.....kinda awkward for a moment but I dont regret it. And I finally learned the value of this strategic maneuver. I will surely use it more often in the future.

I like this old saying better: "When it doubt, just ban the 'tard"
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Mar 30, 2001
I thought this thread was going to be about your rock and roll band...

I'm sorely disapointed.

Its a free-for-all. ;)


Oct 19, 2005
I love ur life, ur like a walking Seinfeld episode. Congratulations on having the balls to do soemthing like that. Mind the pun.:eek:

JM Aggie08

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Jan 3, 2006
heh, you got owned. I never fall for that dumb advice. If she wants it, she gets it out herself.