A Thunderous Lightning Fried My Sister's Aluminum MacBook

Discussion in 'Computer Help' started by georgemkar, Aug 5, 2009.

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    Aug 5, 2009
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    Hi, guys. My sister's aluminum MacBook has just been fried by a strong lightning. It was connected to power and fiber optic Internet connection cable at the time, but the lid was closed. After the lightning, the fan started spinning like crazy and nothing else is happening. When the battery is unplugged, the fan stops spinning even with the power cord plugged. But the little green LED light on the magnetic power plug is more dim than usual when plugged. Nothing else is happening. What can be done?! Please help. Thanks.
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    A lightning strike cannot be blocked by much of anything. I lost my entire security alarm panel a few years ago - same situation. The solution? Replace the entire panel.

    Several things could have happened to the MacBook. One is that the RAM got fried. That would be easy to replace. There are other components on the mobo, CPU, capacitors, etc., that could be blown.

    Trauma like this usually suggests sending it in for repair.

    Lesson learned - always disconnect during a thunderstorm. :(
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    There's a high probability when a computer won't start but seems to be getting power (fans spin, lights light, etc) that the motherboard is bad.

    Is the laptop under warranty? If it is, use it. Don't tell them it was hit by lightning (honestly, how can you be sure?). Just tell them you went to start it one day and it wouldn't start.
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    Two words " Homeowners Insurance ". They will normally cover lightening strike damages.