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A rare Kepler S3 incompatibility with some older boards

Magic Carpet

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Oct 2, 2011
I was playing with one of my older rigs, based on some nForce4 chipset (Abit AN8) and found out Kepler being unable to come out of sleep (S3) mode. Whether it's the same type of incompatibility I have previously encountered with an EVGA X58 board, I don't know, but the result is the same, the card can't come out back online without a restart. This is a hardware issue on the BIOS level. Apparently, Nvidia made some changes to Kepler and some mobo vendors didn't take those changes onboard.

For example, nVIDIA's previous family of GPUs, - Fermi works absolutely fine and so does AMD's GCN and TeraScale. The GCN really amazed me though, even the ZeroCore feature works reliably well (not a single black screen out of maybe 100 power down's; of course you could argue, if 54w versus 70w is a big deal). But I have been working on this computer for about 1 week now, and absolutely no issues have been detected on Win 8.1 x32.

Also, Intel 530 SSD couldn't be detected by onboard's SATA controller, so I had to use an Intel 320 SSD instead (which works amazingly well) with an add-on SATA controller however, any drive I have tried was successfully detected (you could even boot from it).

The people making upgrades to older rigs, should be made aware of this. S3 functionality is a big deal even in the SSD era.


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Jul 5, 2000
When I had Kepler and Maxwell cards on my EVGA X58 board I just used hibernate since Sleep didn't work (like you mentioned above)