A quick observation about tow trucks and tow away signs


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Dec 3, 2001
I dunno if this is really obvious but it was news to me :p

I was driving late at night the other day on the freeway when I decided I was too tired to keep driving safely. I exited out and decided to park in a bank's parking lot to take a rest. After 30 min I see a tow truck ready to tow my car away!! When he sees there is someone inside starting the engine they left. Anyways....after that I didn't feel sleepy anymore


Jul 9, 2002
Let's say you're in the bathroom for a few minutes next to the bank. If they towed your car, how would you know who to call?


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Feb 13, 2001
my worst experience was pulling into a lot. It was about 15-20 spaces wide..however you could enter in a T and the no parking signs were only on both ends and none in the middle.

There were meters at each space, a cop was writing the car next to me up as I pulled in. I said good thing I am feeding my meter, as a joke...the cop was like "yeah snicker snicker" ...which I thought wierd. I put in two hours of time and me and my cousin and her boyfriend went walking around.

Cop left a ticket on my car 2 mins later (probably right when I left) ...now I didn't get to see this ticket for 5 hours (about 7am) until after my car was towed. The tow company didn't have a record of it, the police couldn't tell me anything, and all this running around. When I finally found my car was there, I get a cab to the lot in the middle of nowhere to be told it was still in a holding area back about 10 mins the other way and I could just pick it up there. Get back to the holding area and it's not there....call back the lot and they said they just called the guy to bring it in so I could get it.

I was like WTF, you just told me to go to the holding area...it was messed up. So I get the cab to take me back to the lot and find out they don't take credit card or check....cash only and it's $150. There was a line of people all upset and a bunch of girls (young) crying they didn't even have that kind of money in their accounts. It was a definite legal scam.

total bullcrap I was going through....nearest atm is about 10 mins away too....so off in the cab get the money, pay the cab like $50 or something crazy, get my car and see the ticket....with the 2 mins later thing.

They waived the ticket when I contested it and explained the whole situation, but it's obvious it was a revenue generator....all the cars were towed from there and most paid the meter fee. The signs at both ends of the lot were hardly visible even if you came in on those ends and read no parking 6pm - 6am.

Fort Lauderdale somewhere I think we were that night