a question on a video card


Jun 30, 2001
well, i am sure I am one of hundreds who come here regularly asking what video card they should get...so i'll skip to the question:

What video cards do you guys reccommend? I use tons of the Adobe/Macromedia and photo 2D type stuff, but hey, I'm a college student still playing some games and also using Maya and those 3D kinds of programs. So I can't really lean more 2D than 3D nor really the other way around (although at some points I'm not sure I can really tell the difference in quality on some cards).

So I guess what it comes down to, if you had 100-200 bucks or maybe a bit more if the card is really worth it, what would you do?

oh, and I'm running Win XP on Epox 8k7a with 1.3 AMD and 2 sticks of 256 DDR, and I will be using 2 monitors

any advice would really be appreciated..

Thanks a lot guys


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Feb 24, 2002
An ATi Radeon 8500, if you want good 2d and 3d at an AWESOME price. But then again, it's your choice. You might want a Ti4200, but your system might hamper it's performance. I run a Ti200 and it's been great so far, but everyone says Nvidia's 2d sucks...Whatever. One thing is for sure, do not get anything more powerful than a Radeon 8500/Ti500/T4200 as your CPU will serious bog down it's performance.

I personally would get a Radeon 8500. I didn't get one when I bought my Ti200 because of the driver problems, which are now almost a myth.