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A Clear Case Of Civil Rights Violation


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Feb 1, 2008
Whoa.... Hold on a second.
Could it be that we have a good old fashion case of a CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION here right under our nose?
I do believe that Mitch McConnell violated president Barack Obama's civil rights back in 2016. A blatant civil rights violation not seen since 1963 when then Alabama governor George Wallace blocked the door to the University of Alabama. Mitch McConnell has now proven himself guilty of violating president Obama's civil rights by denying then president Barack Obama his supreme court justice. Lets think about this....

First off to prove Mitch McConnell's bigotry, it was McConnell that pledged to do everything in his power to make newly elected president Obama a "one term president". And one must add into the mix Donald Trump, where it was Donald Trump who questioned Barack Obama's legitimacy as an American citizen. I add Donald Trump only for prove of a pattern, the pattern of bigotry and of civil rights violation. Actually, we have a full blown republican conspiracy involved in the violation of Barack Obama's civil rights and it continues today.

We can go back to the Jim Crow era, when laws and rules were designed to suppress blacks and minority rights. What Mitch McConnell did to president Obama back in 2016 was exactly what the Jim Crow tactics were designed to do, to deny blacks their constitutional rights. Mitch McConnell is living proof that Jim Crow is alive and well today. The same Jim Crow tactics have now been concluded, have gone full circle upon president Barack Obama the moment when Mitch McConnell again "re-reversed" the very rules but to this time benefit a white man, Donald Trump. Must this be any clearer?

When in 2015 Mitch McConnell pulled his stunt of racism and bigotry to deny president Obama his granted rights as president, Mitch McConnell should have been accused of violating president Barack Obama's civil rights and stopped immediately, then held accountable. Just the same as would anyone violating an individual's civil rights. After all, we still do have civil right laws on the books, and Mitch McConnell violated those rights of a then sitting president. Now, McConnell has the audacity with pulling yet another Jim Crow and again reversing Mitch McConnell's own set of rules to benefit Donald Trump. WHY is this guy McConnell not in jail? Or, removed from the senate? Surely, McConnell can be prosecuted for civil rights violation.
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