A BUG in Ultra-edit7.0 or just I am crazy!


Oct 29, 1999
Now here is middle night 2:00, I edit a file have about 1500 lines by ultra-edit32 7.0, and when I drag the scroll bar goto begin and end of the file, the end line is in 1503, 1501, 1500, 1502, 150?, I can't believe my eyes!

The story started at I save that file as other file, and reopen source file, I found the two files is different in end lines number, I want to find where they different, I found no different they are! finally I found this bug. this is a big bug, it appear in a good software's 7.0 version?

I can't believe my eyes! Maybe, all now I do is hallucination, I am just crazy:(
In this day time, I will go back to anandtech and find this post, if I can't find it, then I must be crazy, all things I do during last night is hallucination.


Diamond Member
Nov 26, 1999
did you try finding this in 7.2a?

go email them, if this really is a bug.