Question 9700k wont go above 1.35v

Mar 27, 2019
I recently got a 9700k and had it at 5GHZ on all cores then updated the bios and it will set to 1.37v and the bios says thats what it is running at but XTU and dragon center say it isnt going above 1.35 which causes BSOD on benchmark. if i set the Vcore to auto in bios it will go up to 1.4 but puts the core ratio into adaptive also. i have downgraded the bios and used the same settings again and it had the same problem. XTU shows no types of throttling and since it can go up that high in auto i dont think any of the settings are stopping that voltage. Recently task manager has been showing 100% cpu usage at all times but XTU and dragon center show around 3%. I have messed around with putting it up to 1.4v but it still never goes above 1.35 and my XTU score is about 200 points lower than my old settings when i have Vcore in auto.

Bios settings i have in my MSI Z390 gaming plus:
CPU ratio fixed at 5.0
no AVX offset
Ring ratio 4.7
eist turbo boost and C-states disabled
Vcore 1.37
SA voltage 1.3
IO Voltage 1.3
PLL OC voltage 1.3
load-line calibration mode 4 (flat)
long duration power limits at max

these were all the settings that i had before and they worked fine, now temps get up to 80c because of the extra voltage in auto and before they never went over 70c

full setup:
Msi z390 gaming plus
I7 9700K
Gtx 1080
corsair vengance at 3200mhz with XMP
500GB samsung 970 pro NVME
500gb samsung 750 ssd
6tb Toshiba mechanical HDD on raid with 32gb intel optane


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Nov 6, 2009
Have you conversed with MSI tech support about this? It may be a bad BIOS.
Mar 27, 2019
Have you conversed with MSI tech support about this? It may be a bad BIOS.
yes i haven; they asked me to send in screenshots and havent heard back with anything else. I have reverted to the previous bios though, i was wondering if updating the bios was just around the time something else could have happened since task manager also started showing 100% usage at all times now too.
Jan 17, 2019
Lower the ring ratio to 45. Not a fan of XTU in the first place or using the garbage manufac apps. Try Hwinfo64 and/or use OCCT.