9700 and AGP 8x Problem. hardware or software prob?


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Sep 25, 2001
is the problem between the 9700 and AGP8x MoBos a physical problem with the card/mobo, or a software, one like a bad BIOS/drivers?

the reason is because im soon buying a 9700 and plan to use it in a AGP8x enabled mobo in a few months time. and i`d be pretty pissed off if when i upgrade to an 8x mobo i find out that the problem cant be fixed with a new BIOS/driver on the card/mobo, and the problem is with the card physicly.

there is something about it on rage3d, but i cant be arsed reading though it all, it`d take ages on a 56k modem to download all 15+ pages.

thanx in advance

*I decided to read the forst 10 pages of the rage3d thread, and i still dont have a clue about hte nature of the problem*
*do you all think that the problem is withs the MoBos themselves and not the cards*