9 lives my ass, take the freeway

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Jan 20, 2006
Everyone run home and get their broom... I'm about to call Shenanigans.

What exactly are you having trouble understanding? We hit a cow...

Did you get hit in the head by a passing Indian eary on in life? Are you from the 19th century? "little Injuns"

Cry more. The many cultures were weak and fragmented, they could not keep pace.


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Jan 16, 2000
Back in 1993, I was driving a sweet Hand me down '83 Honda Accord SE with only 26,000 miles (sounds crazy but the car was in excellent condition as this being my first!). I was only doing 35 miles on a late Houston afternoon on a 2 lane stretch where there was no traffic ! I had the radio playin when out of the blue, a shadowy figure leaps across the path and makes a LOUD THUD! My car runs over it and I keep drivin. A half mile later after my senses caught up with my brain, I did a U turn fearing that I had ran over a BUM or a small kid!!! You wouldnt realize what tricks the mind can play when you're traumatized! What I saw when I return to the scene was very very sad!!! I had ran over a stray dog. The fur was ripped from his semi flattened body. There was blood all over the front bumper on the car and parts of flesh and remaining fur was still entangled near the front bottom where it got ran under and over. I was already sick but relieved that the dog had already died, it was not moving or breathing but the bloody mess soured my stomach as I wanted to puke. I went home later not eatting dinner! Had to go through the drive- in car wash twice afterwards.