8GB system DRAM in 2023

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Sep 28, 2005
@aigomorla Going OT, but why not use AV1? I'm getting really good results and since you have a 4000 series Nvidia it supports hardware decoding. I have better quality then H265 and the files are smaller, using SVT-AV1 in Handbrake.

i don't use this system to render.
I have a separate server which never goes to sleep, and does all my other stuff especially plex.
I am really wanting to retire this EPYC 7601 to replace that old server, and move over to the new HEDT.
I do not need ECC for my daily, which this EPYC has, and need faster DDR5 ram.

But i am in dire need of pci-e lanes because of my config.

I have 4-4k Screens, so i have max'd out the capacity for a single video card.
I have a Dell AW38 ultrawide, a Monoprice Crystal 32"4K a Gigabyte Auros 43" 4K and a LG 48 OLED 4K which i mainly use as a HDTV / Shield / Toss windows up when im laying on the bed thing.

I have Samsung 980PRO 2TB as main boot drive. 4x Pci-e lanes.
Hence 2 videocards require minimum of 32 lanes.
I have a Bifuri Card with 4 x 4TB Crucial P3 (recient upgrade) in a R0 Config for 16TB of nVME storage for Games. 16 lanes
I have a 3.84TB Samsung Enterprise Class nVME on U.2 factor. so anothe 4x pcie lanes.
I have Intel X540 10GBe controller on 8X PCi-e so another 8x PCI-E lanes.

Then i have a 4x4TB SATA SSD array for more game storage.
And other 2x 4TB SSD's for downloads and random game files and other game which do not require fast storage.

So a total of 64 PCI-E lanes i am tapped, which is also why it invalids me from using the intel W7-2400 series, and i would need to go up to the 3400 series with a full 128lanes, or a EPYC works, which i am on.

So my only viable options this run is either 7945WX TR PRO, or going back to intel S5-3435X Saphire Rapids.

But again, if i can not secure on a 7945WX as i hear its will only be available to system integrators, then i will have to draw the dead end of the straw and go back to intel, unless Zen 5 will magically give us 64+ Pci-e Lanes, which i really don't think Lisa Lu is that generous anymore along with AMD.
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