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8800 GT SLI vs. 5770

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Apr 2, 2001
Great advice and knowledge in this thread. I came here to start the exact same topic, and all my work had been done for me. Awesome!

Here's my question: If I have a chance to buy a 5770 1Gig from a friend for $100, replacing an 8800GT, should I do it? No sli or x-fire. It's gonne be either the 8800GT or the 5770 in the secondary system.

Rig is the i3 530 build posted by Anandtech back in February. I overclocked the i3 to 4.0Ghz. http://www.anandtech.com/show/2936/4

Monitor is 1600x1200, and the 8800GT runs great in the system, no real complaints. Current games are BF:BC2, Borderlands, L4D2... that's about it.

Think it's worth it to upgrade to the 5770 1gig if I can get it for $100?
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