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802.11 on Windows... Is the stack fat?


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Jul 25, 2006
On all of the Windows based machines I've had with a wireless adapter, the WiFi is the slowest thing on resume. Is the Windows 10 stack bloated? I'm also wondering it realtek isn't the problem- that maybe their software is not optimized for attaining a connection from resume. BT and everything else is ready to go after signing back on, but the adapter or interface for wireless is very slow. Most of the time I find it quicker to jostle it into and out of airplane mode. Would reverting to laptop manufacturer drivers be better than the latest realtek drivers? Granted, I am on a system with an i3 processor, but I still don't think the wait time is reasonable. My old old i5 450m based system could regain a connection from hibernate or sleep fast enough to put my current system to shame. Is there some setting, power configuration, or driver at fault?


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Dec 3, 2005
Have you tried with whatever the latest drivers that are available from Windows Update or which come with Windows (which I assume wouldn't be the realtek ones you're talking about since you're making them out to be different)?