754 packaging question and will CPU fry when put out with a HSF?


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Jul 10, 2001
EDIT: trade split in the mid for now. Hopefully I will get the rest.. so case kinda closed.

I have 3 question here:
1. I have from a trade A64 754 3000+ 0350. Long story but the CPU does not work and I am try to find out more info. I notice there is some golden color (not as gold as pin, more orange side) around the silver cap and the green "board". There were some white stuff (which should be therm paste) and the normal black glue

(I look at my newly bought Sempron 754 2600+ and 939 3000+, only see the black glue).

And there is few like connecting some pins too. I am not sure what it
see the edge
see the lower left corner

Any one come across such if its some packaging from AMD or some glue/conductive thing?

2. Is it possible that the CPU sit level on the socket (right corner matched, and level down) but socket and CPU pin is not contact well and possible fry the CPU?

3. Reason there is a #2 because when HSF was pull out, the CPU come way with it. This of cause was with Power plug unplug. Will the action kill the CPU? THere is no pin bend or broken after the pull out.

I got 2 trades, one CPU, one MB. Both seller said working. But when I install, CPU fan spin up and dubug LEDs show "initialize Keyboard controller", no light on the optical mouse. then whole system turn off after about 5 sec.

I ordered new sempron and new 754 mb. Test both the traded CPU and traded mb. Both not work. But the Sempron on traded mb will keep the HSF continue on (no 5 sec down)

I am trying to learn some info on the packaging and also see if I can solve this problem.


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Feb 19, 2001
that gold stuff isn't normal...

is that gold stuff bumpy? does it stick out or is it cut into the green material?



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Aug 22, 2001
How's the guys heat? If he is a reputable trader like yourself, I'd be inclined to believe you borked something, but if he is relatively new I'd lean toward you getting trolled.