720p on old hd ready tv is unsupported on crimson drivers

Discussion in 'AMD' started by psygnosis, Nov 27, 2017.

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    Hi, I have a AMD radeon R7 265 and from some months I have a strange problem that is purely software.
    I play very often on a HD ready 720p LG TV that I connect to my Computer just when I want to play on the couch via a 2mt long hdmi cable. No problem for 2 years maybe, I just plug the cable, windows automaticly set the res to 720p and I play.
    I don't remember well when all started but for some reason the 720p res on that tv became more clear (just like it was on 1080p but on 720p). I though that was the new amd crimson driver....then my tv start to flick, buzz and show nothing but black no signal.
    I know for sure that this happen 'cause my tv doesn't support 1080p, but only 720, 1080i and 1280x733 (or a thing like this). when I tried to set 1080p the screen works for some time (like 10 minutes or less) then starts to flick.
    Now what I did not understand is why, if I set 720p on the TV I see it clear like its set on 1080p.
    New crimson driver has no advaced option, is there the refresh? I don't understand but it's clear that the 720p signal is not the same 720p signal that before and maybe my old tv doesn't support this.
    Does someone know what can I do to try to solve this?
    thank you in advance
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