694D Pro AR, Win2k, Promise ATA-100 drivers, help!

I hope someone here has this mobo and can help me. I am trying to install the Promise ATA-100 under Win2k and it won't work. My problem is I have an internal ZIP100 drive that is not being recognized correctly by Win2k. I am hoping the Promise drivers will help (probably wont, but what the heck).

I can't seem to install them no matter what I do. The Promise FastTrack RAID drivers are loaded fine, but the ATA-100 drivers won't install. Win2k has the standard EIDE controller drivers loaded and won't let them go.



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Nov 2, 2000
i don't have the board, but is there any jumper on the board to select RAID / ATA100? usually for promise conntroller there is a jumper on the board to choose whether you want RAID or ATA100

4.29 drivers did not help.

I really don't understand why if I have a Promise controller, why can't I install the drivers? Plus, what's does the 4 in 1 drivers do for me?

rominl: There are four IDE connectors on the board. 2 for RAID and 2 for ATA. I have the hard disk on the RAID controller and the other stuff on the ATA controller.

This motherboard is really annoying. I am getting ready to trash it.


Nov 8, 2000
Hello Dwell,

I have the same motherboard as you. I too had some probs installing ATA-100. Unfortunately, I can't quite remember, but you can read at the back of the MSI MoBo Manual, a bit about installing this. I seem to recall you have to install drivers and stuff in a certain order.
I'm not really much help,BUT I wanted to tell you about a few sites specifically for dual MoBo's. I recommend the following:
2CPU.com, there's lots on MSI 694 Pro
also the following, have not checked these out myself yet:
694d.com just a quick glance, seems ok
seaplace.org/mailman/listinfo/694d not looked at yet.
Take a look at 2CPU.com it is good.
Good Luck


Well it was a bad ZIP100 drive after all. Pain in the arse thing. Win2k was recognizing it but not the media. I had to RMA it. I hope if I get a working one setup will be a breeze.

Thanks everyone for helping.