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6-Point plan for peace in Israel/Palestine


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Jan 19, 2007
The detailed 6-points include:

1) Israeli settlements in the West Bank;
I've long been a proponent of not only halting these settlements, but attempting to minimizei and consolidate them, giving as much land to the Palestinians and letting Palestinian authority purchase them for reasonable prices.

2) the right of Palestinian refugees to return to Israel;
I'm not totally against this, though I think a much better solution is creating a Palestinian state.

3) Jerusalem as the shared capital of a future Palestinian state;
Theoretically, this is a great idea. Realistically, I'm concerned about the security issues, of course.

4) borders
Israel has every right to protect its borders, but since I'm not sure what the plan will call for, then I can't really comment.

5) security
A Palestinian state would be responsible for its own security, including monitoring and policing its own criminals. As for current Palestinian security concerns, Israel should certainly monitor its own citizens and their interaction with Palestinians, but otherwise shouldn't be held accountable for foreign threats.

6) water supply.
Access to healthy, clean drinking water should be considered a basic human right. Palestinians should be given access to it, no question. How this goes about happening is between them.