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6 British Soldiers killed, 8 injured . . .


Jul 25, 2002
From New York Times

Six British military personnel in Iraq were killed and eight were wounded today in two separate attacks
near the southeastern city of Amara, a spokeswoman for Britain's Ministry of Defense said.
The deaths were the first among British troops by hostile fire since April 6.

This may become more of an accelerator to British Politics, with the pressure on Blair.

This action is settling more into what 'Nam was like, hit & runs - when the impact & cost was in their favor.
Only when we trapped or crossed large numbers of enemy was it more than guerilla warfare.



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Jul 29, 2001
Until we become an honest broker this will only get worse.
1. Hold elections.
2. Allow former professionals (including bathists) thier jobs back.
3. Feed them and restore sevices.
4. Build and rebuild thier infrastructure.

Then they won't mind our presence nor our efforts to draft a consititution.

Money talks bullsh1t walks (or fights in this case).

Hey Captain... Can you email your son over there? I heard from a former artillery officer at work the troops in the field have been given photos of the burning towers, keeping them in thier lapel, to remind them why we are there...:( I suspect this makes it easier to kill too and deamonise the Iraqi. I would like confirmation.