5 14-piece Sabatier knife sets + 10 potholders for $45 shipped @ Amazon

Kwad Guy

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Dec 1, 1999
At Amazon.com

Here's the link. Go to the buy both and save button to get the potholders free with the knives. The knives have a regular price of $240. (Ha ha ha ha ha ha...Well, they are definitely worth more than $13 a set...)

Amazon.com knives

Buying 5 sets will put you over a $100 BEFORE promotions, which means you are eligable for the $20 GC. So the math goes as:

Items: $114.90
Shipping & Handling: $31.54
Best Value Savings: -$49.95
Super Saver Discount: -$31.54

Total Before Tax: $64.95

and you get a $20 GC on top of it, so your total is $44.95 for 5 sets of knives and 10 potholders.

That is VERY cheap!

(Of course, if you still are eligable for the $20 GC for housewares at this point I have to ask where you've been!)



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Sep 9, 2001
Originally posted by: huesmann
Prolly the "made in China" variety.
Its Sabatier, which I think is a fairly decent brand name from what I've heard. The knives also look better to me than a lot of other crud out there. If you step up to $20 you can get a wood set of the same type, but I think the plastic for $13 looks better. Plus wood tends to get chewed up looking when you put it in the dishwasher for years on end. I suppose if you wanted to maintain the wood properly you could oil it all the time. But I'm not that crazy that stuff.


Jul 7, 2000
Some reviews:
I can't believe that these are really Sabatier knives (made in China and not France?) I also can't believe that they cost nearly $250.00. $12.99 seems about right. Please don't buy them as a gift for someone - you would be really embarrassed when you discovered what a cheap-looking gift you'd bought them. I bought them for myself - and I'm embarrassed!
The price listed is $240. You have got to be kidding me. No person in their right mind would ever purchase thes knives for $17 if they were able to see them in person.
These knives are not sharp or even balanced well. They feel and look cheap. I find the handles awkward and uncomfortable. I was expecting a higher quality product with such a high retail price.

Nonetheless, you can get 5 sets for only $45, so if you have 4 friends who need knives...



May 2, 2001
These sets have been around for 2 years that I know of and can be found in discount stores like Tuesday Morning regularly. How a quality knife maker came to allow their good name to be applied to such a poor quality knife is beyond me. They do not hold an edge nor sharpen up as one would expect with the included steel. They rust within days/weeks if you clean them in a dishwasher.
These are a made in China low priced knife set that may satisfy you for a brief few food preps.
The steak knives are actually usable due to their being a decent, cheap serrated knife, but the rest will soon be garage sale fodder.
If price is the biggest obstacle and you're a serious cook, wait until you can buy a good low end professional knife set such as the consumer end Heinkels or their equivalent. You'll be glad you didn't waste your time on these.
On the other hand, if you just need a gift for a wedding or Christmas for someone you're buying "just whatever" to get the job done the upside is that these are cheap and have the logo of an otherwise reputable house.
Not trying to thread crap, but there are a set of these in my garage so I speak from experience.


Nov 25, 2003
Super deal, thanks. It will make some good presents for the mailman, paperboy, cleaning lady, etc. What a way to buy!