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5.1 Audio Issues from PC with Optical Cable


Junior Member
Oct 16, 2014
Hello all! Just hoping to get some help solving a problem I am having with the audio on my PC. I am trying to get Final Fantasy XIV to work in a 5.1 DTS setting, running through optical (or TOSLINK) cable, but can only get it to output stereo in this manner. I am looking to make this happen through the onboard audio on my Asus Z87 Pro motherboard, which uses an ALC1150 RealTek HD audio system. This setup includes a DTS Connect audio codec, which should encode the signal and allow for surround sound to work no problem. What's odd is that my receiver switches over to DTS mode when receiving audio input from the game, but sound only comes through the front speakers. I am able to make all other games that offer 5.1 support run using this set-up, but of course, the only one I really care about - FFXIV - is being stubborn. Any suggestions, input, or perhaps advice on where to go to find the answer to this problem? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!