Question 4Kn vs 512e SSD Sector Size in terms of performance

Super Spartan

Aug 1, 2020
So I just got my new laptop which has a 2TB Sabrent Rocket Plus (OS) and a 4TB Sabrent Rocker (Storage)

I was searching on Sabrent's site to see if they had a special NVMe driver (which they don't) but came across this a utility called the Sabrent Sector Size Converter and noticed that both of them are using a 512e sector size.

I did some research as to which is better and the only thing I could find is that for older OSes like Windows 7 you cannot use 4K and the drive has to be using 512e for the sector size.

I converted them both to 4K (yes I had to format and reinstall the OS) just to see the performance difference and here it is, I don't know if there is really a tangible improvement or perhaps the results are higher when using 4K just as a margin of error so take what you will out of this.

Sabrent Rocket Plus 2TB

Sabrent Rocket Plus.png

Sabrent Rocket Q 4TB

Sabrent Rocket Q.png
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