4870 on antec 500 watt????


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Nov 4, 2005
$90 for the PSU? Admittedly it is an OK PSU, and I think you might get by with 500W with that much current on the +12V rails,
but you'd certainly be placing an unusually heavy load on a 500W PSU even if it is well within the specifications / limits.
I'd worry about reliability in the long term, as things age, and as it may get dusty, or maybe your system will run hot and make the strain worse on the PSU, et. al.

For under $99 recently there have been sales on the BFG-ES800 800W PSU, a 1000W PSU that I think was an OCZ, several different decent 750W units, and for $65 or less there have been several decent 620/650/700/750 units too.
All within the past month or so, several within the past 2 weeks.
I'd look for a better deal on the PSU and get a higher specification high quality unit for the same cash, just check the FW and AT hot deals forums for PSU posts and check the sales on Fri/Sat/Sun at places like frys, buy.com, newegg, directron, or whatever.

If you are going for the combo deal on the case/PSU or you already bought the PSU, don't sweat it, it will probably be OK, give it a try, burn the system in doing GPU/CPU benchmarks / memory tests etc. for 2 weeks and see if it is stable / runs cool etc.



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May 30, 2004
I'm running the parts in my sig and my EA500 has been cruising along without a hitch. My max draw from the wallplate with OCCT and ATI Tool running was ~300W so a good 500W would work just fine.

OP- PMed you.


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Jan 31, 2000
Geez, rough crowd in here. All he's asking is if it's sufficient to run that card. He already HAS the Antec 500 power supply.

No need to criticize his purchase and give him all your recommended options. A waste of time and energy on your part.

And to the OP, you'll love that 4870 with your system, should be a nice gaming experience ;)


Feb 18, 2008
yeah i got a REALLY good deal on this PSU and was originally only runing an 8800gt so now im stepping up my GPU but wasnt sure if a new PSU was critical at this time


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May 17, 2008
I got a 550w corsair for like $79 after rebate.. I don't know how much current that card draws but as long as your 12v rail has over 19 amps outputing.. I think it should be fine. Enjoy .


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Apr 11, 2004
There's a guy (nitteo) on another forum who has a F@H farm. He runs quadGPU setups on as low as an Earthwatts 430W unit (as in, 4x8800GT on one 430W PS).

The smallest I am running is an Antec Earthwatts 430. The 8800GT each pull about 100w and the left over 30w is used for the e2180. I would suggest a 500w PSU if you are running a Quad SMP + 4x GPU.

Rig#1, 5, 6, 7, 8: Thermaltake 500W
Rig#2: Antec Earthwatts 430w
Rig#3,4: Silverstone 600w

So I doubt very much you will have any problems running a single 4870 and 'standard' setup on an EA500. Which, by the way, is what I have powering my rig (see sig) which isn't too far off from yours.