43% Of Americans are Anti-Semites: ADL Poll finds 43% of Americans Believe Israel a Threat to World Peace

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Oct 11, 2002
Originally posted by: Teclis2323
What were the official boarders of Israel when she was created?
How countries has Israel been at war with the past with?
They have nukes?

It is a religious states with goals of promoting it's religion. The only reason Israel isn't expanding faster is that the US would cut of the gravey train

Your information is flawed, Spencer. You mention that Israel has been in many wars - tell me, what do you consider Israel's role in these wars? Consider the war of independence, which happened when all 6 neighboring Arab countries attacked Israel after it declared independence. Consider the 6-Day war, which was also in defense of Israeli peace. Consider the Yom Kippur War, which was an attack launched by the Arabs on Israel on the Holiest day of the year - Yom Kippur. That's equivalent to the USA being attacked on Christmas, for all you gentiles. Consider the numerous suicidal Palestinian attacks on Israel over the past 20 years. Get your information straight before you go spouting off incorrect "facts."

What fact do I need to get straight I asked how many war Israel has been involved in it seems a lot. Here is another question you can answer how many times has Israel sent people into others land? I'm guess more then most peaceful countries but I will wait for you to confermine my guess.


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Apr 24, 2002
Originally posted by: CanOWorms
Originally posted by: freegeeks yeah there is a thread somewhere about an European poll that has more or less the same result I'm going to apply the same logic like a lot of the YABA's in that thread "Americans are anti-semites"
The problem is that Europe is commonly viewed as racist, resentment towards immigrants, etc. So when people see a poll like that from Europe, it further advances that stereotype.

When you read these threads, Europe and America start to sound more and more the same. Doesn't America have a worse reputation for being racist, harbouring resentment towards immigrants, etc?
Perhaps it would be more true for me to say that these threads make American stereotypes about Europeans, and European stereotypes about Americans, sound more and more the same.

Of course, the poll does tend to prove that over 43% of americans had heard of Israel, which would blow away the European-held stereotype that 78% of americans don't realise that the world carries on outside their borders ;)