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4:3 screen, C2D laptops and HDHR Prime -- "Can I?"


Jun 30, 2004
I'm getting more familiar with HT, networked tuners and WMC -- belatedly. [Once I got it working on my main system some years ago, my explorations slowed down.]

I've only recently acquired a laptop with a non-HD monitor screen, wireless-n (I replaced the -g), a 500GB SSD. This item is working fine, but I never dared configure it to my HDHR Prime tuner. Now I've discovered that "not HDCP-ready" doesn't mean "no digital non-HD" TV. That confusion is in another wordy thread of recent vintage under my moniker.

The wireless connection between the Gateway laptop and my router is fully capable at ~ 117 Mb/s, and I seldom have problems with it; it's thoroughly configured. One of my many various projects this year.

Are there any drawbacks with this? I can reserve an HDHR PRime tuner for it -- one of three available. I can delete channels either on the tuner software installed on the laptop, or in Media Center, so to limit the channel lineup to digital non-HD channels and content.