3dmark Flashing with riva tuner? and one question...


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Dec 28, 2000
I've decided to run 3dmark...

It ran just fine, got a whooping score of 858 before I could finishing OCing my TNT.

I havn't downloaded a refresh fixer yet for XP, so I downloaded Riva Tuner... I OCed a little, tried to fix the refresh rate, and changed a few settings. I benchmark, and I notice, some wierd Flashing on the Loading Screens, and some during the Demos. I restored everything to default. Re-Installed all the Refresh Rate fixes, and even tried Uninstalling them.

I still get the flashing, even without Riva Tuner on.

How Do I get rid of this?

And my question: I try to hit "defaults" On the display and cpu settings for 3d mark, before I testand it explains to me,

"The 3d accelerator you have chosen does not support the display combination you have chosen. The settings have been downgraded."

Then it gives me a list of the settings for default.

How can I compare my scores with everyone elses if I cannot use the default settings? Anyway I can fix that?

I'm running a
1.13ghz Athlon @ 1.2 ghz
Windows XP
Abit KT7A
Nvidia TNT

I'm using the 29.80 Nvidia Drivers, latest mobo drivers, latest via 4 in 1 drivers.