3d Bluray 1080p@24hz issue Windows 10, GTX 970


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Mar 20, 2002
I have a Windows 10 PC with a GTX 970 attached to a Panasonic p65vt50. Previously, I was using a Windows 8 pc with a R9 270x, and was able to watch 3d blurays with PowerDVD14 @ 1080p/24hz.

After upgrading, I'm running into a strange issue. When I start playing the bluray, the TV switches to 3d mode, but only 'half' of the stereo image (SBS) displays. Occasionally, if I minimize and maximize the movie, both images will display, but if I move the mouse cursor, one of the images will stop displaying. Running 3d @ 720p/60hz works without issue. Additionally, I'm able to run games @ 1080p/24hz without issue.

Anyone have similar experiences with Windows 10, Nvidia card, or PowerDVD?
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