3 shootings monday night in my neighborhood


Jul 11, 2000
I was sitting in my living room playing halo 3, my living room overlooks an intersection on elm st. At about 830 all hell broke loose. No less than a dozen police cruisers flying up and down the road. Emergency EMT vehicles everything. I heard at least one gun shot.(or it could have been halo) They shut down elm st. for about 6 hours there were 4 curisers parked next to my building blocking off the road. Nuts. Pistol wavin' new haven in the hizzy.

pistol wavin

http://www.wtnh.com/Global/category.asp?C=1170 (with video)


one incident actually resulted in a shootout.

Another teen was found with a sawed off shotgun.

In the video they accuse the state of dumping released prisoners @ homeless shelters once a week. I can agree with that. Just 2 weeks ago I was outside my apartment at about 330 am waiting for a ride when I was approached by a black male in his 20's. He held out his jail ID as he approached me telling me he needed to get to NY but had no money for a train because he was just released. I told him I was broke and to check out the popeyes up the road.