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3 screens on a I3 540 - GT220 system


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Apr 25, 2011
My brother in law needs to run 3 screens (1 pc monitor,1 47" tv and a projector) As stated in the title he has a GT 220 but has found out the hard way that it can only run 2 screens. The projector and the tv could in theory run from the same port as he only wants to run 1 at a time but the amplified splitter he bought doesn't work and the projector isnt picking up a signal although the tv works fine with it.

Will he be able to get round this problem with the output on the motherboard as i'm pretty sure the I3 540 came with integrated graphics or is this disabled when a discrete gpu is present?

If the onboard graphics can't be used is something like a HD5670 going to be able to do what he needs. Obviously he would rather not spend money on a new GPU but if that is the only way round the problem....

Just to make myself clear the projector screen is in front of the tv so only one or the other needs be on at any time but the single input dual output cable he has bought doesn't work


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Jan 1, 2001
I believe that generation of chipsets will let you keep the integrated graphics enabled, allowing for a 3rd output from the onboard. The option should be something like hybrid multimonitor or something, in the bios.

Also those single input dual output splitters may only work on the DualLink DVI ports and the GT 220 may only have one DualLink port and one Single Link port so might try the other port.

Since he only needs one or the other active though, if his GT 220 has 3 ports (2x DVI, 1 HDMI?) then he should be able to keep all 3 hooked up to the video card and use the nVidia control panel to disable either the TV or projector depending on which he needs active.

Going the 5670 route will require a ~$30 active DisplayPort -> DVI adapter.