2nd hard drive set-up


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Nov 25, 2012
Hello Everyone, I need some help with my hard drive set-up. I built a HTPC, and now i added the second hard drive to it. Not thinking of this first, but naturally i just assumed i could save to it. But not really thinking, a normal save would save it to the first hard drive by default. You rip a CD to save it in the MY MUSIC folder and it saves it by default to the hard drive the operating system is on.

But that is what the second hard drive is for. I want the operating system and programs to install on the main hard drive (120GB SSD) and all my music and movies to be saved to the second hard drive. Is there a way to set up this second hard drive so the saves i make are sent to this hard drive by default or do i manually have to save them to it myself. Right now i have 4 CD's ripped and they are saved to MY MUSIC and my second hard drive is still empty.

Anyone have a link for me i can use to set this up or direct me in the right direction i need to go to accomplish this? I've read a dozen or so articles on building a HTPC but nothing talks about this unless they talk about adding a NAS which i don't want at least for now.


Jun 17, 2005
Well, you can remap MY MUSIC (or any other folder really) in Windows to be in any other location while fooling the OS into thinking it is still in the old location using symbolic links.
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